Monday, July 29, 2013's a secret

Well, not really but I am doing a big reveal on my blog....not on Facebook....not on Pinterest!
It is no secret I am getting just over 8 weeks!!!! We were thinking of postponing for one more yr....and decided over the weekend to just....DO IT!

I ordered my invites and confirmed that it was o.k. to print them( a few hrs. ago). I ordered a proof last October and I love the Etsy seller who designed them....almost a yr. later she still honored a 20% discount.....designed a more budget friendly, post card invitation.....which ended up even better then the formal version with the send back card. 

I was able to spend less then $85 on 50 invitations...including shipping!!!!

Soooooo, here's the big reveal...shhhhhh....don't will be a few weeks until I get them and can send them out.
The first date I picked was October 12th...for "Old Farmer's Day.....I wanted the date to have even more we revised it and chose 10-4 because my Love is a Truck driving man!
The back of the invitation is the post card style and I chose rsvp by phone as that enabled me to stay within my tight budget.
I am very excited.....but alas, my dress I bought for $7 a yr ago does not fit anymore. I have gained some weight :(   you know what that dress diet!!!!!!!