Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cupcake wars....

It's mere weeks until our wedding!!!! We ordered all the food and cupcakes today....We usually agree or at least meet half way...but he wanted strawberry and I said red velvet. Although it was far from an episode of Bridezilla....we all know the outcome...Bride wins and red velvet it is.

It is not that I dislike's just we were limited to 4 flavors because they make in batches of 24. 4 flavors..... and the choices were many!!!! I chose to stay within our color anyone but me will

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend of wedding planning......

My daughter came to help me make some wedding props. She is very creative and I love her handwriting. She made some chalkboard signs for me that we will use on the tables.

$1 store(dollar tree) silver trays.....chalkboard paint...white paint talented daughter :)

Also candles from dollar labels from Etsy....white paint pen.

I can't wait to see the props and decor come together.....I am so excited!!!! 33 days away!!!!