Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cruise with me baby!

My Hubby and I bought new bikes....Mtn. bike for him and Phat Cycle (Men's) beach cruiser for me.
Love the color.....Root Beer!
 I added a large metal basket to make it a little more GURLY and because my intentions were to take Sophee'a with us on short rides.
She has never been in a bike basket before and she acted like she was born in
She made herself comfy and was calm and relaxed the whole time. I love my poodle I love my bike and I love my City Gurl~Country Gurl life!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"The Rustic Rose"

Welcome.....The Rustic Rose!

 I sold my 1961 Fireball (3 yrs. ago) and had major regrets but life has taken me on a new path....and I am enjoying the ride. It has led me on an exciting adventure....a wonderful story is unfolding.
I love my job...I love my life...I love my Family and I love being married to my "BOY"!
We did not have vacation time for a year on our 1st Anniversary, we will be headed to Round Top, Texas...home of the "JUNK GYPSIES".
We will be traveling in our..NEW TO US....vintage, 1988 Terry, Resort Travel Trailer. She is different from my Fireball...who never was given a name..I am excited to Glamp this Gal... in Romantic Prairie style with a Rustic Western, Country theme....and lots of RoSeS!
I have started collecting and it is always so fun to purchase items that will create a "home away from home" or even our Guest cottage at "Green Acres".
We will not be repainting her....because she matches my husbands truck...AS IS.
I will however...have a small design painted on her....something like this.

I am so Happy to be back in the world of Glamping and  now I can FINALLY join the "Sisters on the Fly"!

UPDATE......I am Sister #4268

XOXO, Sheri

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Vintage....Country wedding! 10~4~13

WE are now....Mr. & Mrs. Tate! My wedding and reception was everything that I had envisioned and more.
My dress was a $7 thrift shop find!

It was perfectly imperfect.....I loved every element. It was a family affair and it was an event to remember..FOREVER! The decor, the food....everything was ME and a reflection of us and the life we are building together. My groom was in on every last detail..he didn't always get where I was going but he was along for the ride and even he was impressed by the final result.

The ceremony and reception were held in our back yard at "Green Acres"...although this is a rental property, we hope to be able to purchase it one day.

I own everything in the pictures and we did not rent any props nor have a wedding planner or professional photographer. We purchased items at Walmart, Kmart, Savemart grocery store for mini roses and white pumpkins..and Vons grocery store for red roses used in big ball jar vases. I was able to find perfect items at thrift red rose plates and wheat plates....all burlap banners were ordered on ebay from a great barrels and old doors from craigslist and then I incorporated items from around my home.

 partial view of back yard....

 I was thrilled that all of our guests had a great time,enjoyed the food and commented on how amazing our decor was....My daughter made all the signs...I had the items to use and she personalized it based on sayings and songs that I chose.

My talented daughter..working hard after teaching all day then driving 4 hrs!

Center pieces...each was alike....yet different!
Dance Floor
Guest book
Photo booth 
 Roses/in Huge Ball Mason Jars
 Pumpkin Patch for kids
Sweetheart table
Our cupcake buffet......Bride and Groom cupcake.... vintage....miniature Bride and Groom dolls
Etsy purchase
Candy Bar
Drink Station
We Chose to honor our Mothers and they were our ring bearers as well as held our roses for the Rose ceremony
Our wedding rings...mine is a wedding set from the 1940's that we purchased at an antique store ...His is from a pawn shop that our friends own
My daughter and son...MY HEART!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cupcake wars....

It's mere weeks until our wedding!!!! We ordered all the food and cupcakes today....We usually agree or at least meet half way...but he wanted strawberry and I said red velvet. Although it was far from an episode of Bridezilla....we all know the outcome...Bride wins and red velvet it is.

It is not that I dislike's just we were limited to 4 flavors because they make in batches of 24. 4 flavors..... and the choices were many!!!! I chose to stay within our color anyone but me will

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend of wedding planning......

My daughter came to help me make some wedding props. She is very creative and I love her handwriting. She made some chalkboard signs for me that we will use on the tables.

$1 store(dollar tree) silver trays.....chalkboard paint...white paint talented daughter :)

Also candles from dollar labels from Etsy....white paint pen.

I can't wait to see the props and decor come together.....I am so excited!!!! 33 days away!!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

2 mos....until Happily Ever After

I am getting very excited! I figured out our Reception menu...we are going to have a Tex-Mex theme.
God Bless Texas and the Junk Gypsies

Tri-tip, Mexican platters, Corn salsa, Spanish rice and beans..chip and salsa...and a Pie Table with a variety of yummy pies!

We are not going to take a honeymoon this year...we wil be saving for 2014.....First Anniversary and we will be spending it here....

I have never been this excited...and I have been married twice before.....3rd times a charm!!!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013's a secret

Well, not really but I am doing a big reveal on my blog....not on Facebook....not on Pinterest!
It is no secret I am getting just over 8 weeks!!!! We were thinking of postponing for one more yr....and decided over the weekend to just....DO IT!

I ordered my invites and confirmed that it was o.k. to print them( a few hrs. ago). I ordered a proof last October and I love the Etsy seller who designed them....almost a yr. later she still honored a 20% discount.....designed a more budget friendly, post card invitation.....which ended up even better then the formal version with the send back card. 

I was able to spend less then $85 on 50 invitations...including shipping!!!!

Soooooo, here's the big reveal...shhhhhh....don't will be a few weeks until I get them and can send them out.
The first date I picked was October 12th...for "Old Farmer's Day.....I wanted the date to have even more we revised it and chose 10-4 because my Love is a Truck driving man!
The back of the invitation is the post card style and I chose rsvp by phone as that enabled me to stay within my tight budget.
I am very excited.....but alas, my dress I bought for $7 a yr ago does not fit anymore. I have gained some weight :(   you know what that dress diet!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Green the place for me

Hello Blogland......I read my fav. blogs almost every day but my life has been very busy the last 8 months...awesome new job, life in the country and upcoming wedding.

4 more months until I marry my "Trucker Boy"....and in 2 weeks we are moving to a ranch house with over 2 acres for our horses! It's just one more stop along the's not our mini farm, yet! This little piece of heaven...I nicknamed "green acres" because of the acreage,green grass and the green trim on the ranch house.

We will be getting married in the backyard of green acres! Its perfect..shady, tons of space and our horses can be present. I can walk out my back door and have plenty of time to decorate.

Although my posts are few and far's still fun to share bits and pieces of my life and how the story continues to unfold.
XOXO Sheri & Dave