Thursday, June 13, 2013

Green the place for me

Hello Blogland......I read my fav. blogs almost every day but my life has been very busy the last 8 months...awesome new job, life in the country and upcoming wedding.

4 more months until I marry my "Trucker Boy"....and in 2 weeks we are moving to a ranch house with over 2 acres for our horses! It's just one more stop along the's not our mini farm, yet! This little piece of heaven...I nicknamed "green acres" because of the acreage,green grass and the green trim on the ranch house.

We will be getting married in the backyard of green acres! Its perfect..shady, tons of space and our horses can be present. I can walk out my back door and have plenty of time to decorate.

Although my posts are few and far's still fun to share bits and pieces of my life and how the story continues to unfold.
XOXO Sheri & Dave

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