Sunday, October 20, 2013

"The Rustic Rose"

Welcome.....The Rustic Rose!

 I sold my 1961 Fireball (3 yrs. ago) and had major regrets but life has taken me on a new path....and I am enjoying the ride. It has led me on an exciting adventure....a wonderful story is unfolding.
I love my job...I love my life...I love my Family and I love being married to my "BOY"!
We did not have vacation time for a year on our 1st Anniversary, we will be headed to Round Top, Texas...home of the "JUNK GYPSIES".
We will be traveling in our..NEW TO US....vintage, 1988 Terry, Resort Travel Trailer. She is different from my Fireball...who never was given a name..I am excited to Glamp this Gal... in Romantic Prairie style with a Rustic Western, Country theme....and lots of RoSeS!
I have started collecting and it is always so fun to purchase items that will create a "home away from home" or even our Guest cottage at "Green Acres".
We will not be repainting her....because she matches my husbands truck...AS IS.
I will however...have a small design painted on her....something like this.

I am so Happy to be back in the world of Glamping and  now I can FINALLY join the "Sisters on the Fly"!

UPDATE......I am Sister #4268

XOXO, Sheri

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  1. One day I Hope to be able to become a Sister On The Fly! By then they'll probably have numbers up into the tens of thousands... but that's Okay! *winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian